flowers, crayon art by a young child

CDTC provides financial and technical assistance to child development students and professionals to promote high quality early education to California's children and families. Our services include the following:

ECE Student Career and Education Program

This program is available to fund specific educational costs at 105 community colleges throughout California. Access to this program is available through the CDTC Campus Coordinator designated at each of the colleges. For more information click the ECE Student Career and Education Program link above or call (209) 572-6080.

Child Development Permit Stipends

The CDTC pays the permit application processing fees to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for eligible Child Development Permit applicants (see more information by clicking on link above). For more information, click on the Child Development Permit Stipends link above or call (209) 572-6080. Permits are funded by CDE/EESD.

Professional Growth Advisors

Select the Professional Growth Advisor Project link above for a registry of trained advisors or for more information, call (209) 572-6080.

Curriculum Alignment Project

The California Early Childhood Curriculum Alignment Project supports transfer and curriculum consistency in the foundational preparation of early childhood education students. Community colleges, CSUs, and private universities can participate in the alignment process and be recognized statewide as partners in creating streamlined pathways to degree completion..

Thank you for your continued commitment to early care and education.

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