ECE Student Career and Education Program

CDTC is accepting 2020-2021 ECE Educational Support Grant applications. Apply here.

This program provides support for specific educational expenses to students attending California Community Colleges. Students pursuing a career in early childhood or child development, MAY be eligible to apply for the new Educational Support Grant.

Please note the following Educational Support Grant priorities:

Priority 1: Employees of all direct-funded CDE/ELCD programs including center- based programs and family child care network programs or center- based programs with satellite family child care providers. This also includes co-located Head Start Programs. Employees of any program, center-based or licensed family child care homes, that serve children on a voucher basis for Alternative Payment services. Employees of all other programs including center-based and licensed family child care homes.

Priority 2: Students who are not currently employed and enrolled in a practicum course.

Priority 3: Students who are not currently employed and enrolled in a minimum of 12 units (per semester/term).

Additional eligibility criteria is included in the online application.

Eligible students MAY receive up to $46 per unit (courses completed with a C or better). Limited funding is first come, first served.

For technical assistance and/or support, select "Find a Community College" and enter the name of the campus you are currently attending.