Career Incentive Grant (CIG) 2016-2017.

This program reimburses eligible students the cost of their tuition, books, and other required enrollment fees. Career Incentive Grants are available (in priority order) to students who are:

  • Recipients of permit waivers issued by the California Department of Education, Early Education and Support Division (CDE/EESD)
  • Employed in low API service areas (as defined by CDE) through employment at a California Department of Education, Early Education and Support Division (CDE/EESD) funded program
  • Attending 4-year colleges or universities or 4-year extension programs

Students may only apply for Summer and/or Fall 2016 and Winter and/or Spring 2017.

Career Incentive Grants (CIG) are available to reimburse students for their out-of-pocket expenses from enrollment fees, which include registration fees, tuition, health fees and other required student fees. The cost of books is also reimbursable. All expenditures must be verified with original receipts. Reimbursable courses must lead to a Child Development Permit. Physical education and general work experience classes are not eligible for reimbursement. Child Development work experience is reimbursable. A grade of "C" or better or "Credit" is required for each class. Grades must be verified with an original grade card, transcript or letter from the instructor on college letterhead. All course work must be taken at an accredited institution that is accepted by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. The deadline to submit 2016-2017 CIG applications is June 20, 2017.

Reimbursement Limits: Up to $1,500 per year for 4-year college students