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California (CA) ECE Competencies:

  • The CA ECE Competencies are only listed in the course description if they have been identified using the CA ECE Competencies Mapping Tool. If a course has not identified its competencies by using the CA ECE Competencies Mapping Tool, then no competencies will be listed for that course.
  • This verified mapped icon will appear in the search results page if competencies have been identified for the course.
  • The CA ECE Competencies Mapping Tool analyzes where and to what extent courses align with California's ECE Competencies. More information about the CA ECE Competencies can be found on the Mapping Tool tab on this website, "Mapping Tool."

Titles within "CA ECE Competencies..." Search Option

  • Child Development and Learning - Includes basic information on developmental domains, general information on how children learn
  • Culture, Diversity, and Equity – Anti-bias curriculum, societal and personal attitudes, beliefs, values, assumptions and biases about culture, language, identity, family structures, ability, socioeconomic status
  • Relationships, Interactions, and Guidance - Social-Emotional skills adults & children, Classroom management, discipline, CSEFEL/Teaching Pyramid
  • Family and Community Engagement - Parent participation, involvement, partnership
  • Dual-Language Development - English Language Learning
  • Observation, Screening, Assessment, and Documentation – Information on gathering, interpreting, applying, and sharing information that recognizes children’s development
  • Special Needs and Inclusion - Disability information, special health care needs
  • Learning Environments and Curriculum - Curricular approaches, lesson planning
  • Health, Safety, and Nutrition - General information about the topics
  • Leadership in Early Childhood Education – Information to support developing leadership skill and obtaining specialization units for Child Development Permit
  • Professionalism - Ethics, responsibilities,
  • Administration and Supervision - Staff management, business practices

Titles within Intended Audience Search Options

  • Center Care and Teaching Staff - Head Start Teachers, Early Childhood Instructors, Teaching Assistants, Preschool staff
  • Center Administration/Leadership Staff - Director, Supervisor, Head Teacher, Lead Teacher, Coordinator
  • Family Child Care Provider – Licensed provider
  • Family, Friend, and Neighbor Care Provider - Exempt provider
  • Home Visitor/Health Provider - Early Head Start Home Visitor, Maternal & Child Health home visitor,
  • Parents - Father, Mother, Guardian, Foster Parent
  • Prospective Provider or Student
  • Special Educators/Early Interventionist - Service coordinator, Early Intervention Home Visitor, Therapist (Occupational, Physical, Speech, etc.)
  • Trainer/Adult Educator - College instructor, Professional Development provider,
  • Other – any individual not identified in specific search options

Titles within Age Group Search Option

  • Infant/toddler -Birth to age three
  • Preschool -Three years to five years (Pre-K)
  • School-age - T-K through Grade 12

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do all the search options need to be selected in order to search for a course?
A. No. By not selecting any options, all the courses will come up. The more options you select, the narrower the search.

Q. Does a date range or zip code need to be selected?
A. No. By selecting a date range or zip, the search will be more selective.

Q. Once I find a course, will I be able to register for it on the course description page?
A. No. there is registration information on the specific course page.

Q. Are all college courses listed?
A. Only ECE on-line college courses are listed.

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