Who Should Use The Mapping Tool?

The ECE Competencies Mapping Tool is designed for use by higher education faculty and professional development providers who work with the early childhood field. The web-based Mapping Tool analyzes the link between the California Early Childhood Educator Competencies and specific ECE course offerings and trainings.

The support system for the Mapping Tool and the sign-up process to become a designated “mapper” are being administered by the Child Development Training Consortium.

To request access contact:

When Should Courses And Trainings Be Mapped?

Higher education faculty and professional development providers can start mapping now.

A diverse sample of professional development providers and faculty tested the Mapping Tool and found it intuitive and efficient. It was reported that an entire curriculum has been mapped in less than one day.

Mapping is just the beginning. Once a curriculum is mapped online, the Tool can produce reports that can be used in many ways including course and training content development, student advising, and instructional practices.