Child Development Permit Stipend Application

The permit application can be used for all types and levels of permits.


The permit application is a two-step process. After completing the online portion, follow the instructions on the "Review/Summary" tab of the application to print, complete and mail required documents to CDTC for processing.

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Tips for Completing the Permit Application
  • CTC only accepts typed (not hand written) 41-4 forms as of July 1, 2023.
  • You may stop and start the permit application at any time. Log into your CDTC Account to view applications and continue. (If you do not have a CDTC account, you will be prompted to create one if you are eligible for the stipend.)
  • Select “Save & Continue” if any changes are made to a tab.
  • On the “Review/Summary” tab, you must download all required documents before you submit the application electronically.
    • All documents must be downloaded again if the Review/Summary tab is closed before submitting. This ensures any changes are updated in the application documents.
  • Once a tab has been completed, you may select the tab at the top to edit or make changes to previous sections. The back button can also be used to navigate.
  • Do not use Internet Explorer to complete the application. Recommended browsers are: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
Benefits of the online permit application
  • Status updates in your CDTC account (e.g. when documents and etranscripts are received, when the application is mailed to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, etc.)
  • Email updates as the application is being processed
  • Most permit application documents are pre-printed with applicant information, reducing errors
  • Only the documents required for your permit type and level will print
Need Assistance?

If you have difficulty accessing any material when completing the Child Development Permit Stipend application because of a disability, please contact us via email at:

  • and we will further assist you in this application process. Please include "reasonable accommodation" in the subject line.

Participation is optional. Funding for permit stipends is first come, first served.

A step by step guide to completing an online permit application can be found on the Application Help page. The Frequently Asked Questions page has answers to general permit questions.