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Welcome to California's Early Care and Education Online (ECE) Course Search that will assist you to locate online ECE and child development courses offered by California Community colleges. While this website will not lead you to ALL coursework available, in which to continue your professional development, it will provide information on an array of high quality online ECE/child development courses. Currently, the courses posted do not include those from private institutions. 


The online courses posted are Asynchronous only (students can log on any day/time they are available to complete the coursework by the established deadlines).

To find a direct link to California Community College and California State University early care and education/child development departments, view the list of colleges and universities.

You can search for current online coursework by specific criteria such as topic and date. You cannot not automatically register for a course on this website. You can register for the course at the college where the course is being offered.  Search for College ECE Departments