About CDTC

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CDTC provides services, training, technical assistance, and resources to students and professionals working with and for children. In doing so, we help promote professionalism and high quality early care and education programs that benefit California’s children and families.

The Child Development Training Consortium (CDTC) is a statewide program funded by the California Department of Education, Early Learning and Care Division (CDE/ELCD) with federal Child Care and Development Quality Improvement funds. The program is administered by the Yosemite Community College District and serves all of California. Since 2002-2003, the CDTC has also received funding from First 5 California. Funding for all program services is limited. All programs listed below are funded by CDE/ELCD unless otherwise noted.


The Child Development Training Consortium (CDTC) was created in fiscal year 1982-1983 to address the critical shortage in the number of licensed childcare center workers in the state of California. The project was designed to assist personnel employed in agencies funded by the California Department Education, Early Learning and Care Division (CDE/ELCD) to meet the requirements of the California Children’s Center Instructional and Supervision Permits.

This staff development project of the CDTC began by providing a foundation of required course work for teachers and teacher assistants which helped staff meet the minimum twelve-unit teacher requirement. Additionally, the project helped increase quality standards and reduce staff turnover.

CDTC’s primary objectives and goals have remained consistent since the program’s inception in 1982. CDTC seeks to:

  • Form a partnership between ELCD and the community college system to provide unit-bearing course work at convenient times and places to employees of childcare/development programs. As such, child care program staff can more quickly meet the requirements for the permits issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.
  • Increase the number of agencies funded by ELCD and the private sector whose employees participate in CDTC activities.

More Than Twenty Years of CDTC Success

The Yosemite Community College District (YCCD) has been the prime contractor for the project since 1987. In that year, YCCD subcontracted with fifteen community college and state university campuses to provide training to 730 eligible students. In 1989, as a result of redistribution of funds, the CDTC was expanded to include twenty-eight member campuses serving 1,076 students. Continuing the trend of serving more students each year, the same twenty-seven member campuses served 1,367 students in 1991. During the 2001-2002 program year, 8,710 students from 5,235 child care/development programs were served through 94 community colleges.

During program year 1992-1993, federal Child Care and Development Quality Improvement funds made it possible to expand the eligibility criteria to include not only individuals who were employed by ELCD funded agencies but also to those who work in private centers and as family child care providers. This expansion of eligibility addressed the need to support parental choice by bolstering quality improvement efforts in all program settings.

The demand for trained childcare development workers has continued to increase in the last decade. The CDTC’s training efforts address this demand for course work by providing financial assistance to students enrolling in college classes that fulfill agency requests and students’ need for education.

Originally, the CDTC offered only the community college program as described above. However, over time the CDTC's program services have been expanded to meet a wider range of needs including financial assistance in obtaining Child Development Permits issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and providing leadership development opportunities for program administrators.

Organizational Structure

The following funding sources provide funding, direction, technical assistance and monitor the projects.

  • California Department of Education, Early Learning and Care Division

The Yosemite Community College District (YCCD) contracts and ensures that program services are implemented in accordance with the contract. YCCD subcontracts with 105 community college campuses to educate eligible students throughout California. The YCCD employs nine full-time staff members to administer the CDTC programs. The college program is subcontracted.

The Consortium of 105 Community College Campuses provides appropriate unit-bearing course work in a variety of locations throughout California. Each college designates a Campus Coordinator who oversees the implementation of the CDTC program at his/her campus. CDTC colleges make a commitment to offer required courses in non-traditional ways such as off-campus, in variable time segments, on weekends, in accelerated time frames and in languages other than English. Non-traditional courses are needed to overcome obstacles, which previously prevented staff from obtaining needed training. Local plans are developed with input from a local Advisory Committee, which includes representation from all program types.


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